About Us

MARTYGIRL is a Natural, Nourishing, Ethical, funky skinfood range, that really works.

Every product is 100% handmade and is full of sumptuous, skin-softening, soothing local Martinborough ingredients.

MARTYGIRL is based on the philosophy that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat or don't recognize so it's 80% organic and mostly vegan friendly.

Every product is personally made by Adi a former chef and farmer, in small batches of up to ten. What sets Adi apart from other skincare makers is that her wild, locally hand-harvested ingredients of herbs, weeds, plants and flowers are researched extensively before she infuses them in a gentle way that slowly draws out their healing properties and adds them into beautiful oils, tinctures or glycerine.

The musk roses from Adi's house are infused for up to two years and are incorporated in the ngawhi wahine face custard and the te muna maiden rose face spray. Adi has an Alembic Portugese copper and brass still where she makes her own 90% pure ethylene. All the hydrosols are incorporated into every product except the balms. There is NO H2O, water or aqua in MARTYGIRL products.

As many ingredients as possible are sourced locally such as Olivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The beeswax, manuka honey, kawakawa, tea tree and tawhini leaves are all from Adi's Ruakokoputuna farm, Pakohe. Most of the oils and some of the products are organic now, it's the way the world is going. Adi prefers the "natural" approach rather than the certification of organic so MARTYGIL from the land is as natural and fresh as possible.

Not only are the ingredients local, but every product name acknowledges Wairarapa regional place names paired up with a princess, dame, damsel, lady, queen, genie, siren, maiden or some other gorgeous girl.

Last year MARTYGIRL skinfood won a national business award - The Solo Mio category of the David Business Awards NZ. Also it was a runner up in the Enterprising Rural Women's Awards NZ.

MARTYMAN is made by MARTYGIRL. It's a new range for men, lads, blokes, gents, princes, kings and other fabulous guys with a hipster looking label rather than the vintage look of MARTYGIRL labels.

Having sold these products for some time at markets with a close personal connection to customers, the feedback about what the products claim to do has been amazing. We're told they heal, soothe and rejuvenate. Why not find out for yourself?

A newish exciting part of MARTYGIRL - Click this link to find out more and to book Slather Sessions. 

At the moment when you place an order, just to ensure we have what you need and can make what you need, you will be sent an email with MARTYGIRL bank account details. You pay by internet banking. There are NO credit card options presently. When the funds clear, your order will be sent out. Thanks for shopping with us.