Neighbourhood Coffee Scrub Soap & Sea Traders Sea Kelp Scrub Soap February 12 2017, 0 Comments

Hi I am spreading the news! I have created especially for Dudley from Neighbour Café, and Cissy for her new wonderful Sea Traders Shop, a Body Bar soap for each of them specific to their wants and needs. Dudley asked me to create a soap using her recycled ground beans, because we all know the antioxidant qualities of coffee.

I added organic shea and cocoa butters for nourishing and moisturising, coconut, hemp, avocado and grapeseed infused in weeds and herbs for healing and the delicious scent of chocolate and freshness of spearmint. I tried it as have several trialists and found it to be a wonderful tingling body scrub bar with a fresh scent and at $12  it's a bargain, wrapped in a beautiful recycled kiwiana scarf. And now for Cissy's soap. She asked for a kelp soap for as we know when we visit Ngawhi, the kelp swirling around the rocks and hanging on fences drying for people is magnificent! So, I put in ground kelp, dead sea mud, kaolin clay, organic shea and cocoa butters, sweet almond, grapeseed and avocado oils infused in healing weeds and herbs and Himilayan sea salt, scented with grapefruit and NZ tea tree!. Again wrapped in recycled scarves and only available from Seatraders for $12. I tried this one too and its really a wonderful scrubby bar leaving a tingling fresh scented skin.