New Product - Lake Ferry Lady Body Silk with a sunscree of up to 30 SPF November 15 2017, 6 Comments

Exciting news! A few of you, and just lately, more of you have been saying, that it seems strange that you put on Martygirl fabulous Body Butters or Body silk and then slather greasy, thick Sunblock over the top and cant I create somethimg that is light like the face moisturisers? And so I started thinking and creating and researching and came up with this? I haven't changed the labels yet but Ive added zinc oxide, sesame seed oil and organic shea butter to the recipe formula, sesame oil is very high as a natural sunscreen, as is shea butter but also abit of waterproofing! The gentle scent of Lotus & Green Tea, is a lovely bonus and it glides on soooo beautifully! But remember everybodys skin is different and test on a forearm before slathering on and lying outside for hours and reapply after swimming! Enjoy!